A Response Plan / Manual

This disaster response plan was developed for a 450 home subdivision in Corte Madera, CA. The neighborhood, know as Mariner Cove, borders a marsh on the San Francisco Bay and was built on fill, thus subject to liquefaction in an earthquake. Because professional first responders will be overwhelmed and probably unavailable in a major earthquake disaster, the plan was designed to allow the neighborhood to take care of itself for three to five days.

The October 2017 fires in the Sonoma and Napa valleys taught us that wildfire is a risk fully equal to that of earthquake. The role of an NRG in a wildfire, however, is limited to pre-fire activities as every volunteer must look after his or her family should an evacuation order be announced. See this paper for preparatory actions an NRG might take to save lives in the event of wildfire.

This is an excellent example of a “Neighborhood Disaster Response Plan”. A 28 page Operations Manual based on the Mariner Cove NRG in Corte Madera.
Published by Lee and John Howard, May 2018

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