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Alto Sutton also known locally as Horse Hill is a charming neighborhood with a great sense of family and community. The neighborhood has a lot to offer, close by there is a bike path for cycling and walking and the path is used daily by children going to Edna Maguire, the newly constructed elementary school.  
There is convenient shopping for all the necessities and a number of restaurants and cafes for friends and families to enjoy. 
The top of Horse Hill offers great views and is home to a number of horses and it’s a great place to hike, walk dogs or fly a kite.

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Alto Sutton NRG Steering Committee

NamePositionLives on…Resident here for…
Cynthia WitwickiCo-ChairDorset Lane18 years
Ashley RavecheCo-ChairLomita Drive
Paul AgricolaTower Road

Live Google Map of the Alto Sutton NRG

This live Google map is best viewed in full screen mode – get there by clicking this icon in the upper right corner of the map frame. If you zoom into the “block” where your home is you will see the number of your block (as in “AS-22”). You can also look for your address in the second map below.
If your block is colored green, great! – your block has the desired two block captains. If it is yellow you have only one block captain as of now and it would be wise for another one of your neighbors volunteer to be a co-captain or backup. If your block is colored red you do not have any volunteer block captains yet and
 your block may be overlooked in an emergency.

Alto Sutton NRG Block Map / Address Lookup

Alto Sutton NRG News


When we started recruiting Block Captains in late February 2020, little did we know that we would shortly go into ...
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National Geographic – Meet the wildfire superspreaders

Scientists study ways to stop windborne embers from sowing destruction. BY JEREMY BERLIN PUBLISHED OCTOBER 13, 2020 FOR DAN O'MEARA, it ...
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A Chat with Deputy Fire Chief Tom Welch

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Block Captain Visits during COVID in Cascade Canyon

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Radio Mapping Exercise in Alto-Sutton

In order for Block Captains to radio their reports to the NRG Command Posts, the reception within each NRG must ...
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“Meet your Block Captains Exercise, May 24th!” – Social Distance Style!

The newly formed Alto Sutton Neighborhood Response Group (NRG), a pilot program of the City of Mill Valley, was a ...
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Mill Valley Participates in First Neighborhood Response Drill

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Boy Scout’s Eagle Project Updates CERT Trailer in Mill Valley

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