When we started recruiting Block Captains in late February 2020, little did we know that we would shortly go into pandemic shut-down.  Suddenly, all our advice about meeting your neighbors, having block parties and making connections was no longer appropriate. Despite these challenging times, Tam Valley now has a Block Captain corps of almost 85 … Read more

National Geographic – Meet the wildfire superspreaders

Scientists study ways to stop windborne embers from sowing destruction. BY JEREMY BERLIN PUBLISHED OCTOBER 13, 2020 FOR DAN O’MEARA, it was a routine sweep. An engine company from the Fresno Fire Department had just put out a neighborhood fire, and O’Meara’s team was assigned to make sure everything was extinguished. It seemed to be—till they happened to … Read more

A Chat with Deputy Fire Chief Tom Welch

By Courtney Gaiman, Scott Valley NRG Steering Committee With over 28 years of public safety experience, Tom Welch has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fire safety and prevention. Deputy Fire Chief Welch serves as Chief of Operations and Training Chief for the Mill Valley Fire Department. He has been hailed as a … Read more

Block Captain Visits during COVID in Cascade Canyon

COVID-19 has placed restrictions on many social interactions, including visits to neighbors. As part of the new NRG (Neighborhood Response Group) program in Mill Valley, neighborhoods are organizing for safety and community building. Block Captains are the heart of the program, as residents step up to look after 15-20 nearby homes in the event of … Read more

Radio Mapping Exercise in Alto-Sutton

In order for Block Captains to radio their reports to the NRG Command Posts, the reception within each NRG must be tested. In late March, three NRG volunteers tested their Midland radios (aka walkie-talkies), ensuring receptivity across the entire Alto-Sutton NRG area. Complying with social distancing, one member stayed at a central spot, the MARS … Read more

“Meet your Block Captains Exercise, May 24th!” – Social Distance Style!

The newly formed Alto Sutton Neighborhood Response Group (NRG), a pilot program of the City of Mill Valley, was a hub of activity over the Memorial Day Weekend for local Dorset Lane Block Captains (BCs) Alicia Contreras, Bob Hemstock, Chris Hubbard and Cynthia Witwicki.  To prepare for the exercise, BC Cynthia held a training session … Read more

Mill Valley Participates in First Neighborhood Response Drill

Seeing residents walking in their neighborhood on a Sunday morning is not an unusual sight. However, on this particular morning in early March, these residents were wearing red vests and talking on hand held radios (walkie-talkies).  Block Captains on Cornelia Ave., Tamalpais Ave. and Dorset Lane participated in Mill Valley’s first Neighborhood Response Group (NRG) Spring … Read more

Boy Scout’s Eagle Project Updates CERT Trailer in Mill Valley

David Gilmore, CERT member since 2017 and Life Scout with Mill Valley’s Troop 1 , is making great headway on his Eagle Scout Project of converting the Mill Valley CERT Trailer from a storage container into a fully functional Mobile Incident Command Station.  David started planning his project shortly after the Sonoma Co. fires in … Read more

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