NRG Mill Valley “Block Captain” Orientation Video

Block Captains (BCs) are the heart of this program and are a crucial link between the NRG and the individual residents of Mill Valley. The role requires a responsible person with the time and interest to work as part of an emergency response team. Being at home during the day is not a pre-requisite. A … Read more

How to make a Grab and Go Bag for Emergencies

Plan ahead and build an Grab & Go Bag, including items such as copies of financial records on a USB drive, extra eyeglasses, flashlight and small battery-operated radio. This backpack can be left in a closet near your front door or under your bed. You can add last minute items from your Grab and Go … Read more

FIRESafe MARIN Video – Zone Zero / Zero Combustibles

Zone Zero is Ground Zero when protecting your home from embers. This is the first Defensible Space zone, 0′ to 5′ from structures, decks, or anything attached to your home. Watch this short video for an introduction to the concept of Zone Zero and how you can help protect your home’s most vulnerable exterior space … Read more

Radio Basics for Block Captains

Brian Cooley, a HAM radio operator who lives in Central Marin, guides us through the basics of using a handheld two way radio, also known as walkie-talkie, for emergency communications after a large-scale emergency, such as an earthquake. Block Captains will be surveying their neighbors to make sure everyone is safe and uninjured. They will … Read more

Getting Out Alive: Tam Valley Community Forum on Evacuation

“Thanks to the many Tam Valley neighbors who attended this Evacuation Forum with Fire Chief Tubbs, Deputy Fire Chief Welch, Division Chief Hilliard, Inspector Nau and Sheriff’s Sergeant Dobbins for an informative presentation and response to questions concerning the practical aspects of evacuation during a Tamalpais Valley wildfire.

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