There may be situations such as the recent North Bay wildfires, where you must leave your home. Have a family meeting to determine how you would leave your home in the event of a wildfire or a house fire. Find two ways to get out of every room. You can make this an activity with your children. It is important to decide a meeting place for all family members in case of a quick evacuation.

For guidelines on how to prepare for a wildfire, visit FireSafeMarin.org

2019 FireSafe Marin Wildfire Evacuation ChecklistDownload HERE

“When fire weather is severe (Red Flag Warning), a fire is burning nearby, or an evacuation is anticipated, follow this checklist (if time allows) to give you and your home the best chance of surviving a wildfire. Read through this checklist BEFORE a fire, to better understand your priorities and decision-making process when a fire strikes”.

Watch this FireSafe Marin video on evacuating from August 25.

August 25 : “How to Survive a Wildfire” video

  • Current, includes what is happening in Marin & CA now
  • Includes excellent 10 minute talk from Camp Fire evacuee and survivor
  • Focus is  on “ready” preparedness (from national “ready, set, go” program)  
  • August 25th:  500 Mariners attended zoom; 300 directed to Facebook

Plan ahead and build an Grab & Go Bag, including items such as copies of financial records on a USB drive, extra eyeglasses, flashlight and small battery-operated radio. This backpack can be left in a closet near your front door or under your bed. You can add last minute items from your Grab and Go Checklist just before you leave, but remember anything you can do ahead of time will save you time in an emergency! Last minute items might include medications, cell phone and charger, safe deposit keys, family jewelry and passports. Each family member should make their own Grab and Go Checklist.

In the event of an emergency this site is not monitored. For current information go to: