Fire Safety

Six steps to protect your home NOW for wildfire season

Your home is located in an area designated as high risk for wildfire.

Here’s how to prepare your home:

Maintaining Your property in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Zone
If your home is located in an area designated as high risk for wildfire, these measures will help to prepare and protect your home:



  • Step 1: clear out dead debris, leaves or pine needles from roof, gutters, decks and outside stairways. Maintain for fire season.
  • Step 2: Cut dry grass and brush back 10 ft from roads, driveways, neighbor; cut back 30 ft from your home., and up to 150 ft if you’re on steep slopes.
  • Step 3: Remove dead vegetation from property, incl build up within shrubs, bushes and trees.
  • Step 4: Limb up trees. Cut low hanging branches 10 ft from ground, and cut other trees and shrubs to create space
  • Step 5:trim back branches.Remove branches that are smaller than 3″ in diameter, if within 10 ft of a roof or chimney.
  • Step 6: make sure your address is clearly visible from road. To order a placard, visit

FIRESafe MARIN Video – Zone Zero / Zero Combustibles

Zone Zero is Ground Zero when protecting your home from embers. This is the first Defensible Space zone, 0′ to 5′ from structures, decks, or anything attached to your home. Watch this short video for an introduction to the concept of Zone Zero and how you can help protect your home’s most vulnerable exterior space from wildfire embers.

A Must See Ember Storm Test Video

Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety’s Research Center highlights of WIldfire / Ember Testing.

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