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FIRESafe MARIN was one of the nation’s first fire safe councils. Today, there are fire safe councils in every state, and a California Fire Safe Council based in Sacramento.

Defensible Space: Zone Zero


FIRESafe MARIN is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to reducing Wildland Fire hazards and improving Fire-safety awareness in Marin County, California.  We foster community involvement by building partnerships and providing resources for mitigating fire danger. Working in concert with Marin’s Fire Departments, FIRESafe Marin coordinates Marin’s “biggest in the Nation” Firewise USA program.

Prospective 2020 Fire Season

Two bellwethers and a wildcard are conspiring for an eyebrow-raising 2020 wildfire season forecast. 

First, our 2019-20 winter weather was relatively mild and dry, and along with late spring showers, produced wildland grass that is already tall and dry. A dismal winter snowpack exacerbates this scenario.

Also, there have been more wildfires in California so far this year than the same time last year.

The wildcard is Covid-19, which changes everything from seasonal fire crew staffing and training, to wildfire and fire camp management, to neighborhood evacuations and sheltering.

Possibly more than ever before, as residents of the California wildland/urban interface in wildfire season, we must put our prevention and mitigation efforts into overdrive, especially during red flag days—which by the way—may be more frequent this year.

The successful management of a wildfire in the wildland/urban interface requires all hands-on-deck. We residents have the somewhat unglamorous job of removing or “mitigating” fire hazards in the path of a potential fire. In a sense, we’re “putting out the fire before it starts.” But it’s well worth the effort. The greater we succeed, the greater the effectiveness of our fire responders. The less we succeed, the greater the burden on our responders and risk of a wildfire disaster.

Just like any other disaster, survival depends on preparedness. Are you prepared?

Peter Coyote:

View FIRESafe Marin’s award winning video series “Marin on Fire” narrated by Emmy Award-winning narrator and actor Peter Coyote. These four videos, each under 6 minutes, cover home hardening, fire-smart landscaping, clearing hazardous vegetation, and community level action steps to help mitigate wildfire hazards.

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