Welcome to The Almonte NRG!

Almonte is a special neighborhood tucked behind Tamalpais High School. Often people don’t even know where the borders are, as we are nestled between Homestead and Tam Valley.

Almonte neighborhoods begin behind Tam High with Almonte Blvd , reaching uphill to Mt. Tam School and Gomez across from Safeway. Home to ~800 households and ~1700 residents, it lies in entirety in Marin County & and outside the city limits.

[See map below to check your address.]

Almonte is new to NRG and we are excited to be getting up and running.

However, we need more people volunteering to be Block Captains and to be on the Steering Committee! Our goal is to seek 100% participation from the residents of Almonte. In times of need & emergencies, neighbors are the easiest to count on. Effort is needed to make this work so everyone can rely on their neighbors. Please get out there and get to know your neighbors!

Block Captains will be checking on their neighbors after a large-scale emergency, such as an earthquake, and reporting any injuries, fires or structural damage to their local NRG Command Post. We are very lucky to have the Almonte District Clubhouse on Wisteria Way as our Command Post in case of emergencies.

Please sign up for a Block Captain orientation meeting to get started. If you have any other questions about being a Block Captain, please contact Pia Vernali (Pia.vernali@gmail.com), who is a Block Captain and on the NRG Advisory Committee.

You may also contact Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Maggie Lang (maggielang101@gmail.com), to learn about how your neighborhood can become involved.

The Almonte NRG Network appreciates the support of the Almonte District Improvement Club to ensure that Almonte is “Stronger and Working Together.” Thank you for the time and care you put into Almonte!

Almonte NRG Steering Committee

NamePositionLives on…Years lived here
Pia and Griffin VernaliBlock CaptainLark Lane10 years

In the event of an emergency this site is not monitored. For current information go to: