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Scott Valley is a well-established neighborhood located within the City of Mill Valley, just a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Scott Valley is known for its consistent sunshine, and has been a Firewise Certified neighborhood since 2016. Scott Valley is home to a plethora of wildlife, hiking trails, and the north terminus of the Mill Valley-Sausalito Multi-Use Path. The Scott Valley NRG includes the neighborhood “Clusters” of Scott Valley (Scott Valley HOA), Mill Valley Meadows (Mill Valley Meadows HOA), Northridge (Northridge Property Owners), Kite Hill (Blithedale Highlands HOA), Alto Station Apartments, and Camino Alto Apartments. The Scott Valley HOA “Cluster” consists of twelve “Blocks” that include 10-20 homes each.

Scott Valley Fire Extinguisher Fair

Saturday, March 12th at 10a – Noon @ Edna MaGuire Parking Lot

All Scott Valley residents are welcome to attend this neighborhood event. Deputy Fire Chief Tom Welch will be providing demonstrations and training with Fire Extinguishers. Please see attached flier for additional details.

Emergency Preparedness Resource List

The Scott Valley Neighborhood Response Group has created an Emergency Preparedness resource list. We understand that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to figure out where to start when it comes to ensuring your household is prepared for an emergency – So we’ve designated a specific action item for each month. We hope that our neighbors will all join in and participate in each monthly recommendation. To kick-off the year, we are encouraging all residents to sign up to receive emergency text alerts via Alert Marin and Nixle. Please take a moment to review this resource and share with your neighbors. For more information on Emergency Preparedness, please visit

Mill Valley Police Department Evacuation Tags

Additionally, our NRG program now has access to Mill Valley Police Department Evacuation Tags. These tags are a new tool that can help 1st responders ensure that residents have evacuated in the event of a disaster. Residents are encouraged to display these tags in a highly visible location (front door, mailbox, front gate, garage door, etc) if you evacuate. This can save crucial time when mere minutes can save lives in the event of a disaster.

These photos demonstrate how the tags can easily be affixed to many locations using a rubber band.
If you would like a FREE tag, please contact neighbor Courtney Gaiman and she will deliver to your doorstep:  

2nd Mill Valley Neighborhood Response Group Drill

By Courtney Gaiman – March 19, 2021

Block Captain Bianca Sills assesses the homes on Block 7

The Scott Valley neighborhood participated in its 2nd Mill Valley Neighborhood Response Group Drill on Sunday, March 14th. These city-wide drills are held twice a year on time change days so that NRG groups can practice their emergency response plans. Twelve Scott Valley Block Captains participated in this crucial exercise, practicing what it would be like to assess the homes on their designated blocks in the event of a disaster. 

A total of 88 Scott Valley households participated in the drill by posting their green “OK” signs to alert Block Captains – and first responders – of their safety. Block Captains had the opportunity to practice using their handheld Midland emergency radios, graciously donated by the Scott Valley HOA, to communicate their status reports to the Scott Valley Emergency Command Post (located at the Alto Baseball field alongside Edna MgGuire.) This drill revealed an impressive increase in neighborhood participation with 47% of Scott Valley households participating, up 30% from our previous drill in November.

A Scott Valley home displays their green OK sign
Ken Campbell Bob Hemstock and Ashley Raveche rehearse as Command Post Operators at the Alto Baseball field

The Scott Valley Steering Committee continues its search for Block Captain volunteers in two blocks that are currently unrepresented. These areas include the homes in Block 2 (17 & 19 Azalea and all of Hollyhock Ct) and Block 11 (18 – 44 Midhill Drive). If you reside in one of those areas, please consider volunteering. You can learn more about the role at this link, or you can contact Courtney Gaiman ( for more information.

Scott Valley NRG Blocks & Block Captains

Courtney Gaiman and Bianca Sills serve as Co-Captains for Block 7 in Scott Valley

The live Google map below is best viewed in full screen mode – get there by clicking this icon in the upper right corner of the map frame. You can then zoom into the area of the map where your home is located to determine which Block your home is part of. 
If your Block is GREEN, it means your Block already has 2 volunteer Block Captains. If your Block is YELLOW, it means your Block has 1 volunteer Block Captain (and we are looking for another volunteer). If your Block is RED, it means we do not yet have any volunteer Block Captains from your Block. You may click on the Block label to view a description including the number of homes included in that particular Block, the Address range, and the names of the volunteer Block Captains. 
If you are interested in volunteering as a Scott Valley HOA Block Captain, please contact Underhill Road neighbor Courtney Gaiman at or call 828.782.7071.
If your home is located in a GREY section, you may contact Emergency Preparedness Commission Coordinator, Maggie Lang ( to learn about how your neighborhood can become involved. 

Scott Valley NRG Steering Committee

NameEmailLives on…Resident Since
Courtney Gaimancourtneygaiman@gmail.comUnderhill Road2017
Kristen Housekmhouse135@gmail.comUnderhill Road1995
Doug McCracken doug@imccracken.comStanton Way

A Chat with Deputy Fire Chief Tom Welch

By Courtney Gaiman, Scott Valley NRG Steering Committee With over 28 years of public safety experience, Tom Welch has a ...
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