Tam Valley NRG Network

TAMALPAIS VALLEY serves as the “Gateway” to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and West Marin, and is bisected by the heavily trafficked two-lane California State Route 1, “Shoreline Highway,” leading from the interstate “101” to tourist destinations of Muir Woods, Muir Beach, Mt. Tamalpais, Stinson Beach and locations in West Marin.
The area, covering just over 500 heavily wooded acres, consists of mostly single-family dwellings built in and upon the coastal mountain range. There are approximately 2,851 households in this unincorporated portion of greater Mill Valley, both single-family homes and multi-family buildings, with an approximate total of 7,000 residents. Many of the single-family homes are on hillsides, reached by narrow roads, while multi-family residences are generally located along Shoreline Highway. 

At the eastern end of the valley the small commercial area, “Tam Junction,” is built on flat, muddy soil prone to liquefaction in an earthquake. There is one public elementary school, one church, and the hillside cemetery, “Fernwood,” consisting primarily of woodland including a large number of eucalyptus trees. To the north and east, Tam Valley is bordered by other unincorporated areas of greater Mill Valley, Homestead Valley and Almonte. To the south and west, Tam Valley is adjacent to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). The GGNRA consists of wildlands, and Tam Valley is part of the WUI – “Wildland Urban Interface.” The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) has designated southern and western portions of Tamalpais Valley as a “Very High Fire Hazard Zone.”

Sea Level Rise in Tam Valley: How will it affect you?

The level of Richardson Bay is expected to rise at least 1 to 2 feet by 2035, which means the low-lying areas of Tam Valley will flood daily.  And that’s before storm surges and king tides.

What can we do about it?

First of all, register here and attend the February 23 Community Forum on Sea Level Rise in Tam Valley, co-sponsored by Tam Valley NRG Network, Southern Marin Fire Protection District, and Tam Valley Firewise.  Then, read: Sea Level Rise in Tam Valley – A Primer and examine the accompanying maps: Tam Valley Sea Level Rise Impact Maps.

Second, commit to becoming part of the conversation.  All of us in Tam Valley will continue to be impacted by Sea Level Rise at ever increasing levels.  We need to have a place at the table and an informed voice as decisions are made about

our shared fate.

For more information, including how to become an NRG Block Captain, please email TamValleyNRG@Gmail.com

See you on February 23rd.

© Bob Hemstock – Bothin Marsh, Tam Valley

Community Forum: Sea Level Rise in Tam Valley 

When will we flood?  By how much?  What’s being done about it?

February 23, 2021 @7:00 p.m. on Zoom


  • Chris Choo – Principal Watershed Planner, Marin County Department of Public Works
  • Veronica Pearson – Ecological Restoration Planner, Marin County Parks, and Coordinator of the Bothin Marsh Restoration Project
  • Tom Welch – Deputy Chief of Operations and Training, Southern Marin Fire Protection District

Please register in advance for this meeting: HERE

State of the Southern Marin Fire Protection District – Community Forum November 17, 2020

Hosted by Jim Kasper of Tam Valley Firewise, Deputy Chief Tom Welch and his team provided an update on implementation of Measures C & U, describing the partnership between the Mill Valley and Southern Marin Fire Departments and projects recently implemented and planned for the near future.  Also described was the four-year Shaded Fuel Break project already underway in Tam Valley.

Getting Out Alive: Tam Valley Community Forum on Evacuation – October 29, 2020

Thanks to the many Tam Valley neighbors who attended this Evacuation Forum with Fire Chief Tubbs, Deputy Fire Chief Welch, Division Chief Hilliard, Inspector Nau and Sheriff’s Sergeant Dobbins for an informative presentation and response to questions concerning the practical aspects of evacuation during a Tamalpais Valley wildfire.

Watch the video: “Living Room Chat” with Michael St. John, Battalion Chief, retired, MVFD – Tam Valley Edition

Discussion with Battalion Chief Michael St. John on the following safety topics: – Information about the recent fires, fire department operations and implications for our neighborhood. – What are the guidelines for evacuation, if residents are ordered to leave? – The new vegetation ordinance; what is current status, what questions do you have? – Neighbors Helping Neighbors: we are becoming an NRG (Neighborhood Response Group). What does that mean? – Firewise Community: what does that mean & should we register for that? Emergency Notifications- is everyone signed up for AlertMarin & Nixle?

Tam Valley NRG Network

The Network

Tamalpais Valley is made up of 16 different NRGs, influenced by the Mutual Threat Zones identified by Marin County Fire Service, and further defined by topography and local neighborhood characteristics, as well as the footprint of the Tamalpais Community Services District.  The majority of the NRGs each have between 200 and 300 residences.

Each NRG has multiple Clusters, made up of 10-20 homes and/or businesses, and each Cluster has one to two Block Captains. Our Block Captains are the greatly valued heart of the NRG program.

Live Google Map of the Tam Valley NRG Network

The Tam Valley NRG Network map is best viewed in full screen mode – get there by clicking this icon  in the upper right corner of the map frame. If you zoom into the NRG and cluster where your home is you will see the number of your cluster (such as “MD-12” which stands for Marin Drive NRG, Cluster #12).  If you click on your parcel, you will see a pop-up identifying your address, NRG name and cluster ID#.  
If you have any questions and/or would like more information about stepping up to be a Block Captain, please email: tamvalleynrg@gmail.com.

Tam Valley NRG Steering Committee

Guiding the development of Tam Valley’s NRG Network is the Steering Committee. Contact us here: tamvalleynrg@gmail.com

Ted BaroneTed is a Block Captain, and resident of the Marin Drive NRG. Ted is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Tamalpais Valley Improvement Club.
David BlazaDavid is a Block Captain and resident of the Pine Hill NRG. He is also a CERT and a licensed radio operator.
Lee BudishLee is a Block Captain and resident of the Erica / Chamberlain NRG. Lee has lived in Tam Valley since 1995, and she also volunteers with the Friend of Mill Valley Public Library and the Mill Valley Masketeers.
Pam is a resident of the Tennessee Valley NRG, and has lived in Mill Valley for over 40 years. She is the Co-Chair of the Mill Valley 94941 CERT Steering Committee, and Board Director of Community Service for the Outdoor Art Club.
David KessellDavid is a resident of the Eric / Chamberlain NRG. He is the Chair of the SMFD Measure U Citizen Oversight Committee (2019-2021), and has many years of Disaster Recovery experience.
Fred SilvermanFred is a Block Captain and resident of the Pine Hill NRG. He has lived in Tam Valley for 45 years. He also serves on the Marin County Commission on Aging representing Southern Marin.
Kimberley StedmanKimberley is a Native Brit, Chicago transplant, mother of Labradoodles, and excited to be a Block Captain and resident of the Pine Hill NRG.