Supplies / Equipment

NRG Supplies

There are specific supplies that will be helpful for Block Captains to carry in a backpack, as they survey the households within their neighborhood. In addition, the tools and supplies needed for designated residents to set up and manage a Command Post in each NRG are crucial for current and accurate communication and management of volunteers. Suggested supplies are listed below.

Block Captain suggested supplies and approximate costs:
Block Captains will be supplied with a red vest, clipboards with forms, gas shut-off tool and Midland radio (one radio for each Block Captain team) and are encouraged to add the following:

  • Whistles $0.58 each
  • N95 Masks $0.75- 1.00 each 
  • Duct tape 75 in/15 ft long $5.00 each
  • Clear Eye Goggles  $0.79-2.00
  • Mount Marter Red Vest $7.00 -10.00 each
  • Caution Tape $5-6.00 each
  • Amazon Basics BackPack $16.75 each
  • LED waterproof headlamp $7.99 each
  • Rain Poncho $2-4.00 ea.
  • 5 pairs Nitrile gloves
  • 2 bottles water
  • 2-3 snack bars
  • Pens
  • First aid kit

Suggested Command Post Supplies:

  • 3   3X4 ft. white eraser boards with mounting hardware/markers & erasers
  • 3 Lanterns with extra batteries/ 5 headlamps with extra batteries
  • City maps
  • Water bottles (2 flats) and snack bars (2 boxes)
  • 3  6’ folding tables with 6 folding chairs
  • 1 10X10 folding canopy
  • 5 clipboards
  • Assorted office supplies
  • 6 plastic name tags with lanyards for leadership positions
  • 3 Storage bins
  • 3 red position vests
  • Portable clock with batteries
  • Portable hygiene station if bathrooms not available
    • 2 foldable porta potties/seats & sanitation supplies
    • Porta potty folding tent
  • Radio base station equipment, if needed; listed separately
  • Medical response site supplies listed separately

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