Radio Training

Block Captains will be trained on hand held radios. With our radio network, NRGs have a lifeline out if the power and cells phones are down.
Each NRG will conduct a radio mapping exercise, to test the reception for radio coverage within their boundaries. Radio training will be provided by Marin Amateur Radio Society (MARS), a local volunteer organization in Alto Sutton NRG. NRGs will drill twice a year on Daylight Savings days, to refresh our skills and update our response teams. NRGs may also schedule their own neighborhood drills, beyond the 2x year.

Radio Basics for Block Captains

Brian Cooley, a HAM radio operator who lives in Central Marin, guides us through the basics of using a handheld two way radio, also known as walkie-talkie, for emergency communications after a large-scale emergency, such as an earthquake. Block Captains will be surveying their neighbors to make sure everyone is safe and uninjured. They will use handheld radios to report their findings to a local Command Post . This video captures the basics of how the radio works and the guidelines for creating  concise messages.

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Tips for using Handheld Radios (Walkie-Talkies)

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